5 Subtle Mistakes Men Make In The Bedroom And How To Fix Them


After receiving dozens of questions from young men, I’ve realized that most guys are making the same mistakes in the bedroom. If you don’t understand these mistakes, If you leave them unchecked? It’ll make every relationship you're in a ticking time bomb and your woman will eventually leave you for another man. So I've put together a free 32-page guide to teach you exactly what these mistakes are and more importantly how to overcome them.

A free 32 page ebook, to unlearn 5 common mistakes men make in the bedroom. If you leave them unchecked it will make every relationship a ticking time bomb.

Imagine a charming, good looking man brings a girl home.

She's thinking "Yes finally I've found a real man!" and she's ready for a night of wild passionate sex.

He takes her to the bedroom and just lays on his back like a starfish waiting for her to tell him what to do.

Sounds ludicrous right?

Well that's what it feels like to women when you don't lead in the bedroom.

Most guys have probably had a woman do that to them at some point, but the reality is that men can't afford to be passive in the bed.

I get told all the time by the women I work with; "Mean Stirling is Hot Stirling".

Now, I'm actually a very polite and respectful guy in most circumstances.

But I know to turn that off when it doesn't serve me.

And I know to turn on 'Mean Stirling' when I want her panties wet.

The problem is most guys are in nice guy mode too much.

And this is leaving a terrible impression in the bedroom.

She doesn't want to be treated like a princess.

She doesn't want to be treated like a delicate flower.

She wants you to ravage her like an untamed beast.

Maybe you're nervous. Maybe you're uncomfortable. Maybe you're not confident.

But you have no choice. You've gotta step up, fix that and take charge.