Stirling Cooper is a Sex Coach for men who achieved notability as an award winning Adult Film star. Stirling is now a sought-after speaker for self-help events and some of the world’s most successful podcasts, with his own YouTube channel getting millions of views every month.

Stirling was born March 1987 and grew up in Western Australia with his working-class family. After high school Stirling completed an Honors Degree in Chemistry.

While working in the petrochemical & pharmaceutical industries, Stirling began receiving invitations to attend swinger parties. He progressed to being a High-Class Male Companion for several years before transitioning into the Australian Adult Film industry.

Stirling Cooper began his Adult Film career in 2017 when he did a few shoots with a small studio in Melbourne, Australia. He then negotiated a break into the European and UK Adult Film industries where, in 2018, he shot his first scene for the reputable brand Brazzers. In 2019, Stirling relocated to Los Angeles where he was booked up by the industry leader, Kink, amassing millions of views and becoming one of their top-performing male “talents”. Including several award nominations, Stirling won the 2020 XRCO Awards title award for “Best New Male Stud”. His complete Adult Film repertoire and nominations list is described in this OK! Magazine article.

In 2020, given his wealth of first-hand experience as a High-Class Male Companion and Adult Film star, Stirling Cooper retired from the adult entertainment industry and began coaching men in how to improve their sex lives. Through his various social media channels and public appearances at events and in podcasts, Stirling Cooper continues to teach men how to have a more confident and enjoyable sex life, by giving them the tools to control every aspect of their mind and body.