Join the greatest network on the face of the earth

Get on the winning team and change the trajectory of your life

what is the war room?

The greatest network on the planet

The War Room is the greatest global network which exists on planet earth.

The War Room is a global organization with members, bases and influence in over 70 countries.

Our network contains a varied expertise which allows us to exert influence globally. Every member has either achieved or is working towards the ultimate goal of all intelligent men, freedom in a world of slavery.


how would joining us change your life?

The secrets of the matrix revealed

The things which you do and the things which you KNOW, are derived from WHO you know.

Ask yourself why are you heading down your current path, why do you think this is the best move to make, where did you first hear about what you’re working towards?

Change the people you interact with and all of the above changes with it.

Did you truly understand every option before you chose the current path?

You do not know what you do not know.

who is the war room for?

The wolfs among the sheep

The War Room is for men who understand something is missing.

Men who see that not many are taking life seriously and the few that are, have been easily exploiting the unaware.

The more intelligent you are, the more you realize and notice something important.

There is a level of human existence that very few people get to experience.

Many people are blind, many people do not believe it exists.

The War Room is for men who understand it DOES exist, it is POSSIBLE and REFUSE to live their entire life without access.

The War Room is for men who will die without regret.



Rooms of expertise

The War Room’s online arm is based inside of telegram channels.

Dozens of telegram rooms based on different topics: monetary/financial, geographical locations, international legal documentation, fitness, bio hacking, news leaks etc.

Every topic of importance is reported upon and discussed, to create a web which allows the knowledgeable to correctly position themselves to exploit the ever present weaknesses in governmental and societal systems.

is the war room only online?

Meet-ups and summits

No. The War Room has members only summits in every country of operation.

As well as our official functions, there are permanent meet-ups between War Room members occurring on a daily basis.

As you acquire new passports and generate money online via the War Room systems, your membership will afford you the privilege to attend any event - anywhere.

We create global men which exist outside the influence of any singular government.


Upwards spiral of success

Changed lives. Membership allows you to fully grasp how ignorant you've been to how the world operates.

You will begin to truly understand how trivial money is, money is EASY. Over 88% of millionaires right now weren’t born into wealth. All members become rich because money is not difficult, there are much harder challenges on the road to total freedom.

Power is prerequisite to freedom and most rich people are not POWERFUL.

In near any negative situation the human mind can fathom, legal or illegal, anywhere in the world… Who can you call?

When it comes to global connections, the gravity of brutal lack is constantly dragging you down.

Imagine how high you would reach if that same force was constantly pulling you up.



You are never ready

Truthfully, very little.

Probably nothing at all.

You are not ready for The War Room.

You will not revolutionize what we have built.

If you had capabilities we required, you would already be inside.

You make 20k a month and have a business you are scaling?

You make 2k a month and are working a job? Those two levels of money and influence are so similar, so close to each other, that it’s trivial to say there is ANY difference.

We will teach you money.

Money is easy, it’s TRIVIAL in the true realms of POWER.

You think $1 million is impressive???

NONE of you are worthy of the War Room.

NONE of you are ready.

No member has ever joined “ready”.

Once you fully understand this, you are left with only two options:

1. Try to become worthy outside

2. Try to become worthy inside.


We are not looking for men worthy of entry, if we did there would be NONE.

We already have everybody we NEED.

We are only looking for men who are prepared to join and prove themselves worthy of staying.

You need us.

We do not need you.

WHAT is THE WAR ROOM looking for?

Winning potential

We are looking for POTENTIAL.

Men who can BECOME worthy WITHIN the War Room.

If you do not believe in your ability to listen, learn and work.

If you do not believe in the bonds of brotherhood and the cumulative force of singularly focused men, we do not want you.

You approach life’s problems on your own.

War Room members leverage network and fraternity to attack and destroy obstacles with overwhelming force.

No single focused man matches 1000 focused men.

If you have the human capability to LISTEN, LEARN, and WORK.

If you understand that there is a level of human existence that very few people get to experience.

If you are ready to burn the boats.


Then you are as ready as possible.All other factors are trivial.

You will understand more on your first day inside.

You do not know what you do not know.


A tear in the matrix

I want you to fully understand something.

There’s been a small tear in the fabric of the Matrix and out of the billions of people on this planet, YOU are so lucky to see it.

That's why you are reading this.

The blind never read these words.

You feel the tear, you feel something is not right, but you have yet to exploit it.

You understand there are networks of men on the planet which viciously utilize civilizational weaknesses to further progress the influence of themselves, their brothers and their families.

Some networks, such as global banks, do this in broad day light.

They get rich and powerful at the expense of everybody BESIDES those who work for the global banks.

Other networks do the exact same, in the shadows.

The binary reality: you exist inside of these networks and benefit.

Or you are punished for existing outside of these networks.

We are giving you a chance.

A chance to step up, be a man and prove you deserve to be INSIDE.

It doesn't matter if you are poor and unimportant, or rich and successful.

Everybody enters equal - you will be tasked.

You MUST work.

This chance won’t last forever.

We will not hold this open for everyone.

Soon, membership will close - The War Room members and their sons will remain the closed wielders of global influence into eternity.

You will never be allowed to prove yourself and join.

You and your family will only suffer losses as The War Room members endlessly win.

I promise you.

You are running out of time.

Are you ready to be unplugged?

DM me "WR READY" below if you are.